About Aaron

Aaron was born at North Memorial in Robbinsdale and grew up in Anoka. His "homecoming" happened five years ago when he purchased his home on the south side of Birdtown. Since becoming a resident, he has enjoyed exploring all the nearby parks, hanging out downtown, and showing off his neighborhood to anyone who will indulge him.

Aaron is a proud member of MAPE Local 802, Twin Cities DSA, and the Minnesota DFL. He is passionate about labor politics and firmly believes in the right for workers to form a union and negotiate for fair wages and workplace safety. This commitment to working people extends beyond unions. He believes that the working class should have the ultimate say in how they are governed. No one else knows themselves or their communities better. Aaron would be honored to serve the residents of Ward 4 to help recognize this vision.

When he's not thinking about how to improve the lives of his neighbors, Aaron can be found weightlifting, biking, hiking, or at bar trivia. He enjoys reading philosophy, comics, and playing the guitar. He has been an information technology worker for over seven years. Keeping in line with his value of public service, he recently worked in the IT department of a local university and currently works for the State of Minnesota.